Fast forward to… Key4, KeyRM or Work environment

KEY Concept is a concept more and not just a product. The thought is that the costumer, after the customers own needs, should be able to modify the system in order to create the ultimate solution for their company. This is achieved with a number of modules. These modules are customizable after the customer’s needs. You can pick one module, two modules or all of them, whatever fits you the best. This is what KEY Concept is all about, the thought of a flexible system that you fits you. Not a complete system that you need to fit.

Nothing is engraved in stone with KEY Concept. If you want to remove functions or add functions? We’ll solve it. KEY Concept has been created with the help of an established base of customer that has contributed with requirements. This means that it’s years of experience behind every function, something that’s made our system well thought out and user-friendly.

KEY Concept AB has three main products and these are KEY Concept 4.0, KEY RM and work environment. We’ve got information about our products in the section below, in case your company is looking for a system for incident management or risk management. Contact us if you’re interested or if you’ve got any questions

KEY Concept Incident management is a complete and user-friendly system that handles all types of incidents within an organization.

  • Everyone with access to the intranet can report an incident
  • Incident management and investigations
  • Work environment-module with possibility to involve the closest manager in your investigation
  • Budget- and cost monitoring
  • Large configuration opportunities to customize the system to the customers occupation and branch
  • Report generator with connection to Word and Excel
  • Register costs, with opportunity to choose different types of currencies and types of cost
  • Diary, what’s being done in the investigation and by whom?
  • Possibilities to hand out tasks/questions/measures to anyone within your company
  • Dynamic classification concepts
  • Management of documents (texts, photographs, audio and movies)
  • Built-in e-mail system.
  • Automatic e-mail notations to responsible administrators, reporters and action takers.
  • Re-reporting via e-mail or webpage.
  • Module for statistics with pivot tables and diagrams
  • Flexible access control for access to data in the system, connected to, for an example, organizational structure.


KEY RM, Risk- and compilence management, is a web-based, modern and user-friendly system for all types of risk management.

  • A coordinated system for the entire organization
  • Choose between open judgements of risk based on an event/access or predefined templates
  • A tool for steering of individual risk-areas that can be used by specialists (risk managers, security managers etc.)
  • Risk and vulnerability analytics
  • Self-checks, for an example work environment- or environment self-checks
  • Compilance management
  • Follow-up your history
  • Full customization in order to fit the system to your occupation and bransch
  • Access control connected to organizational structures